Podcast | Truth Matters, Love Wins with Alex Kuisis

Aug 24, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

[00:00:49.290] Welcome & Introduction to Alex Kuisis

[00:02:38.210] Having truth on your side

[00:04:04.200] How memories can be manipulated

[00:06:23.970] The legal system is part business and part game

[00:08:26.850] How Alex found Proclaim Justice - a non-profit organization

[00:09:43.370] Alex discusses the charges against her

[00:11:43.900] How the charges came about and what part memory had to play

[00:13:53.830] What Alex has learned about the power and corruptibility of memory

[00:18:07.020] Our soul’s objective on Earth 

[00:24:12.400] Melanie asks Alex, what destiny has changed for her

[00:28:38.770] Forgiveness

[00:33:06.630] The power of digging into your own BS!

[00:36:55.590] Get in touch with Alex & her services



Website: www.goaskalex.org  

Instagram: @soulfitnesscoaching    

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  • Learn More about Alex Kuisis and her work at https://goaskalex.co
  • Alex’s introduction. 0:01 Welcome to the show, Alex Kuisis. Alex talks about his book, truth matters.
  • Three things that cannot be long hidden. 1:50 Three things cannot be long hidden, the sun, the moon and the truth. Trusting yourself. Transparency in having resources to support him. The legal system is part business and part game.
  • Proclaim Justice T-shirt. 7:31 Proclaim justice, a non-profit fighting for the wrongfully convicted. Charges against alex. Babysitting a young girl and her sister. Being arrested for being the babysitter in the story.
  • The importance of telling the truth about memory. 12:40 Memory is a slippery, tricky thing. How her memory experts supported her. Dr. Elizabeth Loftus, an esteemed professor in southern california. The importance of eye witnesses.
  • How our subconscious leverages trauma into healing. 16:37 How the subconscious leverages trauma. His belief system, soul fitness and breathing. The moment she knew she was abused as a child. How she learned to value her own self and her own healing process.
  • The egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. 22:21 The egyptian myth of Isis and Osiris. How writing a book has changed her destiny.
  • The importance of telling the truth. 24:57 The importance of clear out the cobwebs. Friendship breakups are a necessary part of life. How writing the book helped him grow as a person. Taking ownership of the situation.
  • The power of taking ownership of the situation. 29:19 The importance of taking ownership of the situation. The spiritual aspect of the case. Getting right with things that only he knew. The power of forgiveness and self-compassion.
  • Taking the case to trial. 34:12 Taking the case to a trial. Holding on to the promise of freedom. How to get more information about Alex. How to connect with Alex.

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