The Shape of Joy

Apr 07, 2022

Joy has been on my mind a lot recently. I have a good idea of what its shape is, too.

With over twenty-five years in treating patients with pain, anxiety, depression, and stage fright, I could say every one of them - including myself - was blocking, thwarting, and squashing their own joy.

The actual shape of joy is less important than the shape YOU perceive that joy is in your body. Here's my secret strategy to helping clients through it - and getting actual changes in their bodies and their lives. I reflexively want to keep this secret because I love hoarding such things - but in the interest of finding and spreading more joy, I am sharing it with you, and, in exchange, I would like for you to share your results with me.

You can post them in the comments, tag me on social media, send them via LinkedIn messaging, or via email to me at [email protected] If you want to text or WhatsApp them to me, please do!

You will need one sheet of paper.

In the left half, draw the shape of your joy.

Here is the shape of my joy. This is 100% real.

It looks as if a horseshoe and an amoeba had a baby.

In the right half of the page, draw what shape your joy wants to look like.

What insights and inspirations did you get from this? For me, I felt it was telling me my luck needed a better container.

I've been dabbling in Feng Shui and Vastu so I ordered a horseshoe to place above my front door. It arrived today.

I will post an update on the shape of my joy in a week or two. In the interim, I can't wait to hear from you!

Melanie Weller PT, MPT, OCS, ATC, CEEAA
Neurotheology: How Belief Systems Live In Our Nervous Systems
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