S1:E5 | Aries Season with Melanie Weller

Apr 05, 2022

[00:00:47.210] Welcome

[00:01:04.780] Introducing Aries and its relationship to the vagus nerve

[00:02:26.610] The Earth’s processional cycle is critical to our health & body

[00:03:13.600] The structural foundation of our consciousness

[00:03:28.560] Aries season is a time for re-birth

[00:03:58.210] Adenosine triphosphate and the Aries constellation

[00:04:37.170] The vagus nerves influence on the health of your mitochondria

[00:05:01.920] Cultural stories that describe our cranial anatomy and cosmology

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How do you fine tune your body to fine tune your voice to convey what you're you might not understand, but your heart does?

Welcome to another episode of Embody Your Star. I am your host, Melanie Weller, and it is Aries season.  I'm going to tell you what that means structurally and energetically in your body and how it connects to your vagus nerve as well.

Aries is the beginning of the zodiac calendar and starts on March 21. In astrology, Aries rules the head. It's an initiating energy and our vagus nerves are initiated into our bodies as the right and left vagus nerve exit the base of the skull through the jugular foramen. The jugular foramen is 23 and a half degrees from the center of the foramen magnum and the foramen magnum is where your spinal cord exits. Our Earth currently is at a 23 and a half degree tilt. That's the axial tilt of the Earth.

Decompressing somebody's vagus nerve at this location is very much like putting them back on their axis.


Over thousands of years, the Earth tilt ranges from 21.1 degrees to 24.5 degrees, and that's all in the realm of the jugular frame and as it relates to the frame and magnum. So the opening where your vagus nerve exits the base of your skull is 23 and a half degrees from the center of where your spinal cord exits.

These angular relationships that mimic angles of the Earth and its processional cycle are very critical to our health and the body, I find. Research shows us that when solar weather disrupts the electromagnetic field of the Earth, it's measurable in our vagus nerves.


Cerebral spinal fluid production is initiated in the ventricles of the brain, which are the same shape as the ramshorns that represent Aries. When we die, the pumping of our cerebral spinal fluid stops 20 minutes after our heart and brain activity ceases. It is a deeply primal pulse and a system with significant momentum. Imagine that it can go 20 minutes after our hearts and brains stop.


I believe that cerebral spinal fluid and its pumping mechanisms are the structural foundation of our consciousness. It's how and where we fully embody our consciousness.

Aries season is also a time for rebirth, and our brains are very much the same outline as a fetus. Spring is a great time to connect with your inner child, to go out and play, and to discover something new about the world, about yourself. Really soak in all the rebirth energy that's around right now, the point of spring is to keep life going. That's exactly what Aries ruled structures do.


Adenosine triphosphate is made by the mitochondria in our cells, and it provides the energy that drives many processes, including muscle contraction and nerve impulse propagation. Adenosine triphosphate (atp) is the same shape as the Aries constellation. Atp is made by the mitochondria, which are archetypally considered like Mars, the planetary ruler of Aries. So for your vagus nerve to propagate its impulses, as well as your other nerves, you need that adenosine triphosphate, you need that ATP, and that's all Aries energy.

Research shows us that vagus nerve stimulation reverses the mitochondrial defects associated with heart disease. Specifically, ischemic heart disease, which means lack of blood flow. So your vagus nerve isn't directly in your mitochondria, but it absolutely influences the health of your mitochondria. So as you take care of your vagus nerve, you're taking care of yourself at a deeply cellular level.


I am an Aries, and I especially love all the mythology and energy and stories that go with our cranial anatomy.  I'm going to do other episodes with deeper dives into these but I just wanted to name a few of them here. 

The sphenoid bone that sits behind our eyes and our optic nerves, the nerves that go to our eyes come through the eyes of the owl in our sphenoid bone, connecting our eyes with our inner wisdom.

Athena's symbol was the owl. In Athena's story, she was born fully formed of Zeus's head. One observation I've had over the years is that people with chronic headaches and often ongoing mechanical dysfunction that's rooted in their sphenoid frequently did not get to be children. They were the adult in their house. Even when they were a child, they had to grow up too soon. So that is one of the spiritual underpinnings of cranial head, sphenoid bone, Aries dysfunction. I think it's very much the female warrior as well, balancing out the Mars male energy.


Ganesha, the Hindu deity that's the remover of obstacles, is so many things to so many people. That story also very much describes the anatomy and physiology of our cerebellum and brain stems. And if you look at the underside of the brain, the cerebellum and brainstem look very much like the Hindu deity Ganesh. And the eyes of Ganesh are the roots of the trigeminal nerve.


The biblical story of the temple of the Ark of the Covenant describes our cranial anatomy in great detail. Sphenoid bone fits the description of the Ark of the Covenant specifically.


So there are many stories across different cultures that really describe our cranial anatomy and cosmology, too. 

I'm looking forward to sharing more about this with all of you.  I hope that you will subscribe to Embody Your Star Podcast and head on over to www.melanieweller.com to get your free vagus nerve decompression course and more. I just launched a content platform to share more of this and be able to teach and interact with all of you in a much more organized way. So if you head on over there you will find more details about all of that thank you for listening.

Thank you for listening today. For more information you can go to my website, www.melanieweller.com 


There's lots more to discuss about Aries!  I'm looking forward to bringing more episodes of Embody Your Star to you.



See you next time.




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