S1:E3 | The Meaning of Embody Your Star with Melanie Weller

Apr 05, 2022

[00:00:44.120] Welcome

[00:01:21.220] What ‘embodying your star’ means

[00:02:27.410] Introducing the concept of ‘Field Medicine’

[00:03:48.350] Being more than your physical being

[00:06:32.550] The connection between as above and so below

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How do you fine tune your body to fine tune your voice to convey what you're you might not understand, but your heart does?

I want to talk today about what it means to embody your star.

I would love to hear from you about what it means to you, please tag me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with your responses. You can also email me, if you like, at [email protected].

The first thing that anybody in your star means to me is having an understanding that you are a physical embodiment of the cosmos, that the mechanics of the Earth and the mechanics of the planets all have equivalent expressions inside of your body, and that there is a relationship between you and the cosmos, a mechanical, measurable relationship. The second thing is to really understand that this connection is mediated by your vagus nerve

This is the bridge between your body and the cosmos.

I had a medium a number of years ago tell me that I came here to complete Franz Mesmer’s work and I didn't know who Franz Mesmer was at the time. He was a physician in the late 1980s and his dissertation was the effect of the planets on the human body.

It took me a while to really wrap my head around that. That was my purpose and I've been hiding that purpose.

Certainly with the vagus nerve and talking about it physically,  I'm coming into embodying my own star at a deeper level.  I'm going to talk more openly about this relationship between your body and the cosmos that's mediated by the vagus nerve. Through that, I really hope to inspire a whole new field of research and medicine that I call field medicine. When we can treat someone's bio field and someone's electromagnetic field and someone's energetic field, the potential for transformation is to me, bigger, faster and stronger, it's the superhighway to transformation, and much of it does not depend on the pharmaceutical industry.


This is something that you can really work on yourself to get electromagnetically strong, to really connect with your power and to become the thermostat instead of just the thermometer in your life.


The next thing that embodying your star means to me, is to just know that you are so much more than your physical being. You don't have to understand the science of fields to really connect with this. 

One of the most powerful exercises I do with my clients is to ask them what their soul looks like. If  they are going to dress their soul, what does he or she wear? 

As we go through this exercise and progress through embodying that image, it completely shifts physical pain. It completely shifts anxiety. I've seen this over and over and over and I think that this is one of the most valuable things that you can do for your own awareness. 


I see my soul at one level very much like the high priestess. If I go for a run without embodying my high priestess, my right hip will hurt. It will be very difficult to breathe, I'll feel like I need to walk intermittently.  

When I run like the high priestess, I feel like I can go and go and my right hip feels amazing. I don't have the same kind of soreness in the following days. 

If I go for a run because I really ran as my true essence and not as just my physical body, it gives me greater shock absorption and the value of shock absorption, both physically, mentally, emotionally, is highly undervalued in my opinion.


When you move and speak from your soul, it gives you dramatic amounts of shock absorption that translate into health, resilience, grace under pressure and a healthy vagus nerve. 


The next thing that embodying your star means to me is really connecting that. What's happening inside of you is an expression of what's happening outside of you and what's happening outside of you is an expression of what's happening inside of you. 

It's the connection between as above and so below.

This is the only role that we ever follow. And it works. Not only consciously, but subconsciously. We often think we get things that we do not desire or do not deserve. And while there's  truth in that, we're really just matching ourselves above and below.

When you can connect with where that bridge is, you can build a different bridge so that you have a different expression of as above, so below.

That ties back to what I said earlier about that connection between you and the cosmos being the vagus nerve.

When you make these connections, you really become the star of your own life. 

One of the things that I see all the time in my clients is that they're the hero in everyone else's story except for their own, or they're satisfying everybody else's desires at the expense of their own.

They're terrified of making the transformation into being the star of their own life, the hero in their own story, and that's all very normal and appropriate to have those fears.


It's not normal though, to be stuck in being the star of somebody else's story, the star of somebody else's movie. Just because it's common does not mean it is normal. 


I would love to hear what embodying your star means to you. So like I said at the beginning, please tag me on social media, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or send me an email at [email protected] 

Thank you so much for listening and I look forward to sharing more episodes like this with you. For more information you can go to my website, www.melanieweller.com 


There's lots more to discuss about Embodying Your Star!  I'm looking forward to bringing more episodes of Embody Your Star to you.



See you next time.




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