S1:E14 | Unlock Your Clairvoyance Skills with E.Phoenix

Mar 14, 2022
Embody Your Star Podcast with Elizabeth Phoenix

[00:00:47.240] Welcome and introduction to Elizabeth Phoenix

[00:01:20.660] Defining Clairvoyance

[00:03:55.010] Trusting your Intuition

[00:08:54.749] Elizabeth’s favourite way to unlock her clairvoyance - Verbal Channeling 

[00:11:52.760] Elizabeth’s own trauma and history

[00:19:24.200] Trauma opening up to clairvoyance






How do you fine tune your body to fine tune your voice to convey what you're you might not understand, but your heart does?


Welcome I am your host, Melanie Weller, and I am here today with spiritual teacher Elizabeth Phoenix.

So I know you do a lot of teaching intuition in your YouTube channel is full of intuition exercises that people can use for themselves. So what I would like to know first is how do you define intuition?



That's a really good question, because I think a lot of people have some misconceptions about what intuition really is. Most people, when they think about intuition and spiritual development, they think about that gut feeling. So they get a hunch about someone or something. And that's what most people refer to as intuition. But I really think it's something more than that. I think it's a deep connection with not only yourself, but everything. So on a grand scale consciousness, is this through line that connects all of us through energy and intuition?


Is that connection to consciousness that runs through all of us. It's that innate knowledge that we all are able to connect to and tap into. So I also refer to intuition as the same thing as psychic ability. And I prefer to use the term intuition because more people seem open to connecting with it. But it really is the same thing.



I love that. So intuition is like this language that we all share, but not all of us are really fluent in yet.



Exactly, exactly. And the thing with intuition is most people get like a feeling or they have some kind of way they're used to receiving, but, what I think also is a misconception is that it comes in so many different ways and that everyone can learn how to develop and tune into all of the different ways that it can come.



I love this. So what are the different ways that intuition can come so far?



For every physical sense:  touch and smell and taste and vision and hearing for each one of those. There's also an intuitive sense or the sixth sense some people call it, or what I would call the intuitive sense. So you may be familiar with the term clairvoyance, that is clear vision, or clear sentience is clear feeling. And so for every physical sense, there is that intuitive sense. And so when I work with people, I really get them to tune into their bodies so they can pick up those subtle senses that aren't the physical 3D senses that are showing up for them with their intuition.



I have a personal story that I'll share on this. When my intuition really exploded to the point that I found out I could do mediumship, I went and took a course in England and they had us do an exercise for what they thought was our weakest clear sense. I thought  that I was not clairaudient at all, that I wasn't hearing things, that that wasn't how I took in information. And I did this exercise.

After doing it, I was like, oh, this is how I get everything. I really think this is my primary thing. So the thing that I didn't think that I had,  what I thought was my weakest link actually turned out to be my strongest link.

So appreciate what you're saying about believing and developing all of the senses, because I've done that for myself. And I find it absolutely true that you can be proficient in all of these. It just takes some practice.



Yeah, it takes a lot of practice trusting you, trusting that you are connected to your intuition and going with it. But it is funny that you thought that was your weakest link. And here it is. You've been getting information that way all the time. It's like especially with a clairaudience, words, in my experience anyway, words just sort of popped into my head. It's not like I hear someone outside of myself saying something, which is why I think people don't understand that.


But all of a sudden I hear or I just in my mind, I when I say here, it just pops into my mind. That's how I experience it. Go to the store or you go here or whatever it is. And it's that understanding of what it is. And then it's like, oh, I do have these skills. It's really cool when you're when you're working with someone developing when they actually make that connection like you did, to see how excited I really do have these skills.



Absolutely. And I think I thought it was the weakest because I was not hearing the voice from outside, that it was very much the voice inside of my head, and it took me a while, but really learning to trust that voice in my head was a big part of my own journey, too. The story I sometimes tell around it is I had a client that I was working with and she had a restriction and one part of her body I was trying to release and it wasn't releasing and it wasn't all the usual things that I work on.

And I quieted down to see what it was, what I heard was bacon, you know. And so then I'm having this conversation like she needs to release her bacon, yes, she needs to release bacon.


The client was so much better afterwards. And this woman is a force of nature, she said, what did you do? And I said, I'm not going to tell you. And she said, Oh, you're going to tell me.


It wasn't so much that I didn't want to tell her because I thought she would even think it was weird. You know, I thought she was very open to my intuitive side. I just thought it was ridiculous. Yeah. That her body was telling me that she needed to release her bacon and that it made absolutely zero sense. But when I told her I knew that she had a history of depression in her younger years, what I didn't know is when she was severely depressed, she would eat a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich or a bacon and eggs salad sandwich.

And so her body was really telling me to release her to depression.

It just came through is bacon. So trusting is such a it really is a leap of faith. But what I've found is that every time I've stepped off the edge of the cliff, the ground shows up. So is it like that for you that sometimes things seem nonsensical, but they make sense to the person you're reading for?



That is exactly how it shows up, because every single time something bizarre comes up, it's the stupidest thing. I think there's no way I can tell this person, if I'm doing a mediumship read for someone and something like that comes up, there's no way I can tell this person this because it sounds ridiculous, totally off the wall and every single time it doesn't fail. That's the one or two things that really stand out for that person, that make the reading connect with them.


And you don't know you're given that little piece of information about bacon or whatever it is. And you don't know necessarily how it connects to that person. They tell them and they're like, oh, my God, I love that.



What is your preferred mode of intuition or how do you help people with your intuition?



My favorite way to practice intuition is through channeling, I love channeling and there are so many different types of channeling. If you are, I'm sure you've heard about automatic writing and probably everyone who's listening to this has heard of that. Or just sometimes people like a table read or oracle card reading stuff just kind of flows through. But the kind of channeling I really like to do is verbal channeling, where I go into a meditative state and I ask to connect to a higher vibrational entity or being whatever you want to call it.


And I allow my energy to kind of merge with that entity and they speak through me. But I also really like doing card readings and psychic readings for people and I also do mediumship. I really think that once you have your intuition developed, you can use it across any kind of modality. So you could do healing and you can do channeling and psychic and tarot readings. But for me, channeling just feels the best.



And do you channel one specific kind of energy or do you channel multiple energies? 



Oh, I channel it all!

I just allow whatever energy wants to come through to let it go through. Or sometimes I call on specific energies like if I want to call in an archangel or a specific Goddess or ascended master.


Full disclosure, I'm giving Elizabeth really some leading questions here because she is my channeler and has helped me significantly. If I want an answer from a specific God or goddess or energy that I can ask for that one specifically and that she also can just pull through whoever wants to come through in the moment and that the messages are always very, very meaningful. So I want to backtrack a little bit into your personal life and kind of what got you here.


I really like talking about what I call the Osiris wounds, the things that made us fall apart so that we had to come together in a new way where our traumas that did not that don't allow us to be our old selves, that demand that we step into this new and bigger version of ourselves. I would love to know your history is so incredibly profound and moving and I think is something that that can really benefit and help people and I think is really common also among very, very intuitive people that I know.



Right. So as with most people, we all have a colored past. Right. And I would say that my childhood, especially my teen years, were really, really difficult. I have a history with being in abusive relationships. And for me specifically as a teenager, I got involved in a relationship with a lot of domestic violence and rape and other kinds of sex crimes that were done to me. And I want to just be clear as I speak about this, that when I do talk about it, I don't want to come off as a victim because I think it's really important to acknowledge what happened to us as people, as human beings.


But it's the way in which you move through it. So I'm sharing this to give the perspective of what I went through, but not coming from the perspective of being a victim. Does that make sense? 


So I was in this very, very, like I said, abusive situation where I was physically abused. I have experienced having my head bashed in at random moments with this person who was a long term boyfriend. I was in this relationship for five years from the age of 16 until I was twenty one. So through high school and college and at the drop of a hat, I never knew what I did wrong or what was coming, which I think was what actually helped me develop my intuitive skills because I was always scanning the environment, trying to figure out was it safe?


Where are you going to flip out, how do I protect myself? I think that really helped me get in. With my body, although it didn't really help because I was still getting my head bashed in at the time and I didn't know how to leave, but I would also experience getting strangled..


And along with that was a lot of there's a lot of control over me. He controlled everything, my friends, my what I did. Everything ended up with where I went to college, making decisions on where I went to college and really everything, the cars, I was buying everything.



And so what was the breaking point for you that led to you being more decisive to leave to making that decision to exit and or how did you get out of that relationship?



That's a really good question. And I've looked back a lot. And I think over the years as this was happening, I think I was doing the internal work. I was getting angry, realizing I didn't want to be treated this way. There was a point where when I was in my last year of college, his brother was having a baby and he arranged for me to be the nanny of this baby. So I was going to arrange my school schedule, my life, the job I had around taking care of his niece.

At that point I was just resigned. This is my life. I think I was 20 years old. This is my life. This is what I was given in life. And I just have to endure this. And one day, I attribute this to divine intervention,  I really do, even though at the time I did not believe in God and I didn't know until I started developing my skills I look back and I see how clear it was that there was some kind of angel angelic help is what I would call it now.


And I have a very close relationship with Archangel Michael, and I really believe it was him who really pulled me out of this situation, gave me that strength to be able to leave. So the last straw for me, there were two incidences. There was a car accident at one point where I was being controlled in the way I wasn't told where we were going. And we were in this horrible car accident. I lost control of the car.


It was dark out. He didn't tell me where we were going. And I ended up on this exit with a big turn and flipped the car three times and left without a scratch, and I think that was an opportunity that I missed like an eye opener that I just wasn't ready to leave. But it was getting me there. It was like this little push to get me to see how unbalanced things were. And then there was an incident where I was being choked to the point where I was losing consciousness and I was doing whatever I could to keep myself conscious.


I had a glass of water in my hand and I was terrified that if I lost consciousness, the glass would fall from my hand and water would be on the floor and how angry he would be. And I was struggling against it so hard, like, how can I stay awake? I have no oxygen. I let that glass fall, eventually I just accepted the fact, like, I'm going to die here. And it saved me actually.

The glass falling, he let go and it saved me. And it was about probably a month after that. I woke up from a nap. I was in a dead sleep. All of a sudden I woke up, I sat up in bed and I said, I have to go. And that was the moment, I think, where that divine intervention just hit me. 


<h4>It was like I was shaken awake from this deep sleep. And it's like you got to get out of here.

And I never went back.</h4>



<p>Well, Elizabeth, I want to take a moment just to really honor you and thank you for sharing your story, because it takes a lot of courage to be that vulnerable, especially in this kind of a format. And I know a lot of people are going to really hear this and feel inspired by it and get healing out of hearing your story. I have noticed just with the number of intuitive people that I know, that those kinds of stories of abuse are seem very prevalent among people that are very intuitive, because you do end up scanning your environment and using your senses.

You're on at a level that not everybody that is not necessarily demanded of everybody.

You alluded to this a little bit earlier, but do you feel that that was really an opening of your intuition? Having to be like that really sets you up for success right now with being professionally intuitive and teaching it?



Yeah, I think so. I think it really helped me connect to my senses. It helped me also from a personal level. It got me to a place where I could believe in something more than. You know what I see around me, because when I can look back, I can see that divine intervention, but also that connection to myself. So I really do attribute that, although I think for people who have no experiences like that and feel like they have none, that you can develop it and it's just a matter of practicing and being dedicated to it.


I love how your story really embodies my favorite proverb from South America, where your future is behind you, propelling you forward and your past is in front of you, waiting for you to make peace with it and clear your way. And clearly, your future had your back and really guided you out of that situation.



Oh, I love that. It gave me goosebumps all over!


I think it's the truest description of how time functions relative to our physical bodies.



There's lots more to discuss about unlocking your clairvoyance and I'm looking forward to bringing more episodes of Embody Your Star to you.



See you next time.




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