S1:Ep12 | Intuition with Amy White

Mar 28, 2022

[00:00:46.250] Welcome

[00:02:28.260] Amy discusses how she came to be a Medium

[00:05:32.730] Amy’s definition of intuitiveness & consciousness

[00:07:48.850] Is consciousness something that we all have access to?

[00:12:10.470] Amy talks about her personal language,how she connects

[00:14:47.490] Building trust with your language

[00:18:33.490]  Having conversations with your friends & family

[00:22:07.940] How Amy helps or guides people

[00:24:03.830] Types of questions or problems that people ask Amy 

[00:30:05.780] The message of the greater consciousness 

[00:32:00.110] Asking yourself specific questions

[00:43:13.130] Get in touch with Amy




How do you fine tune your body to fine tune your voice to convey what you're you might not understand, but your heart does?


Welcome I am your host, Melanie Weller, and I am here today with spiritual teacher Elizabeth Phenix.

  • Melanie

    Welcome, everybody, again to Embody Your Star. Today I have with me Amy White, and Amy is a medium and consultant's extraordinaire. I've had the great privilege of using Amy's wisdom and even having her to my house for an evening of mediumship with a group of friends. That was super fun. And so I'm really excited for this conversation. Welcome, Amy.

    Amy White

    Thank you for having me. Gosh. I was just thinking about that event the other day and how much fun it was to hang in your house with your friends and channel through some just divine wisdom.


    It was so good. And I loved how I live in this space, too, and how much clarity somebody can get for somebody that they don't know.

    Amy White

    It’s how I know and sense and feel the truth of this work that I do because I'm human and it's nice to have that validation of I hear things coming through me as I'm channeling and I wonder, oh, my goodness, how is this going to land? Then when it hits and I see heads nodding and people laughing and they get it, it lands in such a way that it's their truth, this is really a unique and special privilege to be able to do this.


    Yeah, I agree. And it is endlessly surprising and delighting on the practitioners end of it, too, to deliver that information. So you have not always been a medium?

    Amy White

    No, I haven't.  In fact, for a long time, I dubbed myself a reluctant intuitive medium because I started my career right out of College working in technology climbing the corporate ladder, rung by rung by rung in the technology field and in the information systems field. So super left brain.  

    The beautiful thing about it is that at the time and in the space I was then, it was definitely my purpose. I was passionate about it. I was excited about it. I felt very guided, even though I wouldn't have used those terms then, but I felt very strongly aligned with the work.

    A my career progressed, I started to look around as I was climbing the ladder, and I was questioning whether or not it was still my passion or where I was being called to be in the world. At a point down the road of my career, I actually ended up at the top of the ladder in the C suite. The thing I had been working for generations feels like generations for decades, though. And I looked around and I realized, wow, this ladder is against the wrong wall now.

    The gift in it is that in the ten years leading up to that moment, I had started to rediscover my intuitive gifts, and I started doing coaching, you know, executive corporate life coaching.  I realized during that time that I knew things about my clients that I didn't know how I knew, but I knew I knew them. Even though I never shared that specifically with my clients, I would use the information to guide the way that I ran my sessions. Just like we were talking about a few minutes ago, the AHAs, the way that the information landed with my coaching clients was so powerful that it led me on this journey of really starting to explore, okay, this is more than gut sense and being savvy in the work that I do.

    There was something bigger, something greater, that was part of who I was. And so, yeah, it took a really long time in my judgment mind to allow this part of me, this aspect of me to unfold and unravel in lots of ways so that I felt comfortable and confident moving from the corporate arena into the coaching and intuitive channeling mediumship arena that I'm in now.


    I'd love to hear your definition or the way you see intuition and consciousness. And are they the same thing? Are they different?

    Amy White

    We could get into a whole philosophical conversation about how we're all one, we're one energy, it's all, everything is everything. But I think because we are here in this human experience, it's easier to sort of speak to it from that mindset. So to me, consciousness or universal consciousness is a wisdom that exists within the Cosmos. It's also the wisdom that exists within each one of us. 

    To me, that's also the definition of intuition. It's being able to connect into the wisdom that resides within us and outside of us

    But again, that's the paradox of being in this human experience and starting to listen to the whispers of this deeper knowing, this deeper resonance, not just knowing information about other people or knowing information about what our next steps are, but knowing who we are in our truth, in our capital 'T' truth and living as often as possible from that space of connection into that truth.


    I love that because I know my experience of really coming into own my own intuition and consciousness was one of spending a lot of time denying that inner truth or ignoring those inner whispers. That's not really happening. Or I don't need to pay attention to that.

    But as it showed up stronger and stronger, I had a very similar experience. Like, oh, this is something more than just a gut sense. There's so much magic in listening to those whispers. Do you feel that, like, is this consciousness thing something that everybody has access to? Or do you feel like some of us are pulled through a little bit more easily than others? Or is it just that internal resistance that keeps anyone out of it?

    Amy White

    Oh, yeah. I love this question so much because we are all souls, bodies, human soul having that experience in the same moment. So by virtue of that truth, we are all done in the space of being able to access that inner wisdom, that infinite wisdom of the universe. Now I would say, yeah, inner resistance is a big piece of it.

    I went through the same thing, not wanting to name it, not wanting to claim it, not wanting for fear of what people would think, but also societally. We are really conditioned to certain belief systems. And in my own story, my family of origin from a very young age would say to me, oh, you can't talk to God through anyone but the Church, and if you try to, if you do that, you are bringing bad onto the family. You could bring evil into the family.  I remember being a young child and thinking, that's a big burden to carry, to be like, okay, I'm walking around and I must have been just being me and my capital 'T' truth even as a young child, not knowing that I wasn't supposed to.

     It must've been freaking my family out because I remember thinking I can't be me. There's something wrong with me just being me. And so that really shut down the access to my inner wisdom because I couldn't even go there.  It was years later, I was into my adult, my 20s, when it finally started to knock on the door loud enough for me to go, oh, there's something here for me to explore. But I think we all have that.

    Even people who don't think that they're intuitive at all can put their finger on different experiences in their lifetime.

     Call it coincidence, call it synchronicity where things have happened, where they had a thought pop in their mind, like change lanes driving down the highway or gosh, I haven't seen so and so and so long. And then you run into them in the grocery store or something like thathat's, that's intuition. That's connecting to that inner wisdom because you're picking up the energetic vibration of that person.  Of course, you're going to run into them when you're really listening. So then it becomes, I think, the challenge for many of us, myself included, as I was starting to walk down this path of how much can you trust the process to allow it to unfold?

    I feel like we're living in a time and space now where we can have these conversations openly and we don't risk persecution or being burned at the stake for talking about this. So I'm so grateful to be living in this time where we can. But there's a lot of that ancestrally there's a lot of that societally that it's like bad, it's wrong, it's shameful. It's just not what we do. So there's a lot of sort of breaking the ceilings of our own belief systems so that we can explore how to come into deeper connection with that inner wisdom.  I think, too, when we talk about intuition, a lot of times people go, well, if I'm intuitive, then, oh, my gosh, am I to going have to go out in the world and chase people through the grocery stores to give messages from a loved one who's passed on.  It's like first and foremost, this is even how I started on my path, because when I started to explore my intuition I didn't have any intention of doing this as a practice.

    This was for my own  growth, my own evolution.  I think that's really firstly, what this connecting to our intuition is all abou, so Yes, we all can do it. 

    It's just about making the choice and then allowing, little by little, the unfolding of the awareness.


    Yes, I completely agree.  It's so much like a very personal language. Intuition comes to people differently.  I'd love to hear you just kind of talk about maybe that personal language because certainly some people hear things more. Some people see things a little bit more easily or others will feel it a little bit more easily. And then it is really just kind of getting to know your own language completely.

    Amy White

    It's really unique to each one of us.  I think that our inner wisdom, our intuition, our inner being uses the things and our physical experience that we can connect with the easiest.

    I've seen and spoken to mediums and channels over the years who would have a whole symbol system. If they saw a knife, it meant this, and if they saw chicken, it meant this.  So that was their sort of way of interpreting the information that was coming in for me. It's a little bit hard to describe, but I would say that 

    primarily everything comes into me through feeling.  Then there's something that happens in my human body, my brain that translates the feeling into words. 

    But it happens in such a split second that it's not even anything that I consciously think about. It just is a feeling where I can slow it down enough to sense it, but not enough to say exactly what's happening. It's very interesting.


    I definitely understand that I would say I probably hear it more my own intuition more than anything else. But when I started, I would have told you that, oh, I don't hear it at all. It's not that kind of a thing. Then I was in an intuitive development class, and they said, pick your weakest 'Claire' sense, like clarity,  I picked hearing, and I was like, oh, no, this is how it's all coming.  I just hadn't connected that.

    And I want to touch on the trust piece because the trust is such a big issue with it. And  the way you build the trust is with your practice and by learning that language so that you really become fluent in it, just like you said, so that you don't have to translate.

    Amy White

    Again, trust is such a big, broad statement, and I think each one of us can look at the word trust and the feeling of trust and interpret it differently.

    To me, it's about really learning the felt sense of what you're getting, how the information is coming in, and then starting to understand within your body.  Oh, this feels like truth. Oh, this might just be my thinking mind making things up and then sort of finding that place to get the validation.

    One of the things that I've found in my spiritual exploration over all of these decades is that there's a lot of conversation around how we're not as humans,  supposed to be looking externally for validation.

    But how do you build a muscle? How do you build any kind of practice or process or habit? . You need feedback.  

    So for me, my trusting experience really came from doing something & getting validated through whatever the way, shape or form. Sometimes it was just internally,  I always say that my inner being is really quickly self correcting. So when I'm not listening to my intuition, I'm pretty much yanked back into that space of like, no, you need to listen to this.

    But it wasn't always like that. Sometimes I would not listen to my intuition and see the results of not listening to my intuition. Sometimes I would listen to my intuition and see the results of that. As I started to play and dance and flow, with that, it became more and more easy for me to discern. Okay, when I'm sensing information, where does it sit in my body? And then how do I come to trust that my body will give me the answers even if my mind is still not quite sure? And so it really has been the flow.

    But like I said, I think it's different for everyone and it's dependent on the stories we carry with us. It's dependent on the way we were conditioned from young children to both trust ourselves and our, quote unquote instincts. But also to feel safe enough in the world to trust that we can do and practice and play with this idea of intuition and not get in trouble or not get criticized or not get looked at like we're three headed ladies.


    For all of my fear of stepping out of the intuitive closet and bringing it into my more conventional physical therapy allopathic sort of practice. Every time I told somebody a story about my intuition the answer was, 'me too'. Or  I would say, this is what I'm seeing or what I'm experiencing.  They might ask me a question about how it came to me &  they would say, 'oh, I see auras and I have dreams'. It's so beautiful to live right now where we're celebrating diversity in so many ways, but also to be able to have these conversations so that we learn to trust each other and learn this other language that we all have this connection to consciousness going on.

     I'll just put a little plug in there for listeners to really have these conversations with your friends and your family, because the me too responses continually stunned me still.

    Amy White

    I was just telling the story the other day about how my family of origin really made it clear that what I was doing, how I was being was wrong or bad. But then when I did come out of the spiritual closet with my family of origin, I got the 'Me Too's' from them! My father said 'oh, I've been getting information in my dreams for as long as I can remember'.

    It would have been so much easier had I had the ability to have those conversations, even with my family. My father's mother was very intuitive, and now I can see it. But I would have loved to have been able to have those conversations back then. I think  it would have probably been easier for me to embrace these gifts had I felt that there were other people who understood me in my immediate circle.


    Yes,  I don't know that I was ever explicitly shut down for my intuition as a child, but I certainly had this big fear of being myself in front of anyone from a very, very young age. But I've really been able to allow my children to express theirs and their way and kind of shepherd them through figuring it out for themselves.

    Amy White

    Yeah, that's really powerful. I was grateful that I came into this understanding when my kids were younger because we would play all kinds of intuition games. For example just being at a restaurant; let's Intuit about this waitress, what's her story? - in a very respectful way. Then at some point, something would be said and my kids would just look at me and say, 'we were right'. So just allowing that access and having those deep conversations, those expansive conversations with my children when they were stuck in the car with me on long rides, and I could really get that one on one time to explore their beliefs and how do they feel?  How do you see the world and do you see it as haphazard and random? Or do you feel like there's some magic here? And what is that? What do you call that?

    I came from such a conservative religious background that I wanted to give my kids the space to explore what they believed about the universe, about the Cosmos, about life in general, not from a dogmatic standpoint, but would support them if that's what they were interested in.

    But just from let's talk about it from this consciousness spirituality experience first and then giving them the tools to find their way to whatever they felt called to. It's powerful.


    It really, really is. So talk a little bit about how you help people.

    Amy White

    Well, I like that question because I hadn't considered it so much help. Maybe support it might just be the language. But in the work that I do, I channel a group of energies that call themselves the greater consciousness. The greater consciousness describes themselves as all of the wisdom that ever was, all of the wisdom that will ever be, and all of the wisdom that's here, right now, in this time and space, in every living being. In essence, they are the connection to the infinite wisdom, but not just the infinite wisdom of the Cosmos, the infinite wisdom that resides within each one of us.

    The role that I play in this practice is to be the channel, the connector between the greater consciousness, universal consciousness and the greater consciousness wisdom within my clients or audiences, depending on the situation, and help to really bring forward information that already exists within each person. So it's not this fortune telling,  it's more about these AHA moments, sometimes subtle, sometimes bold, that you can see that head nod like we were talking.

    You can see how the information lands because it is a truth that the client or clients already know.  It's more bringing to the surface the inner knowing, as opposed to some external information coming in for them, if that makes sense.


    Absolutely. What are some types of questions or problems that people come to you with? 

    Amy White

    It can really be anything. Every single session that I do, every single group event or speaking engagement where I'm engaging with the audience is different. Sometimes people really want to know very specific things. When will I meet my partner? Is this the right job for me, or is my loved one in non physical? 

    But oftentimes it really is more of a deeper line of inquiry. Who am I? Am I on the right path? Am I hearing my guidance? I keep feeling pulled in this direction, but I don't know why or how or if that's even really true for me. 

    So it's really the deeper level of introspection and exploration that is often the questions 

    that come forward.  Of course, those are the questions that really can only be answered through the connection to the internal infinite wisdom.  To me, is really a lot of what the inquiries are, but it really can be anything. I've channeled animals and people and sometimes even tactical process and tools and next steps. There's a lot of validation that comes through for the work that people have done or the healing, exploration or the inquiry and where the breadcrumbs are along the path so that they can find their own way.

    It's really interesting because, I am human and my human brain is engaged during this experience, though I kind of move that personality, ego, thinking mind off to the side when I channel, but there's a duality conversation happening very often where I'm hearing what the greater consciousness is saying to the clien, then I have all these thoughts about how I can help to guide them from a tactical perspective. And they're always telling me, 'no talking', because it really isn't about me and about my thinking process. So it's really an interesting it's an interesting way that the sessions work because it is so much about me getting out of the way and really being the clearest channel I can be for whatever wisdom, whatever information, whatever guidance, whatever connections are in the highest good of the client or clients.


    I love your description about getting out of your own way to pull through the information, because certainly that's a very universal experience in all of our lives: getting out of our own way so we can make whatever we want to happen. Through my own lens, I love how much of this I can tie back to how our verbal parts of our brain, our conscious aspects, those neural pathways process information at 40 bits per second, and our nonverbal aspects of our brain and our bodies transmit information at 11 million bits per second. So what you're really describing is that 11 million bits per second Super Highway.

    Amy White

    Yeah, exactly. Which is why sometimes the greater consciousness talks really fast.


     You do even some business consulting or company corporate kind of work, too, correct?

    Amy White

    I do.  Some of it is intuitive, and some of it is really like business consulting.  One of the things that I learned early on after I left my corporate job and I started to build my practice,

    I realized that my left brain, that thinking intellectual side of me, needs to be stimulated as much as the right brain side of me.  

    So very early on, I just had an opportunity after opportunity to get involved in projects here and there that help to feed and satisfy that side of my being. And what it did was it brought even more balance to the intuitive work that I was doing, because I wasn't denying any part of myself. I wasn't telling my left brain, 'you need to just sit down, shut up in color. We've used you enough. Now we're going to really rely on this aspect'. But in the recognition of that, it really helped me to see in my wholeness, I can't deny any aspect of who I am or any aspect of the gifts that I bring into the world.

    I also felt very strongly that there's a way to show up in all kinds of different avenues in the world with that heart centered, heart mind that I think brings value to any type of work that I do. And everything that I do is spiritual. So it just makes it that much more of a juicy experience, this life experience for me.


    The juice is so much in bringing all of yourself to the table and not segmenting off that no matter what you're doing.

    Amy White

    That's been a big message that the greater consciousness has been talking about now for a couple of years, but they give me more deeper and deeper understanding of it as time goes by. They talk about this idea of what they call the balance point.  It's really  from a higher perspective, it's bringing the human experience and the soul experience together in the same moment. And that is really wholeness.

    We spend a lot of time, especially those of us that are on the spirituality path, with some, what I consider to be misinformation about our goal, our end goal. Enlightenment is not about transcending our human experience, ignoring our human experience just to be the sole experience. Because if that were the case, we would have never come from non physical to this physical experience,  we wouldn't have needed to. So the idea that we're here to be human is hard for some of us to grasp, especially when we can play in a higher vibrating soul experience. So often it feels so yummy. It's like I don't want to come back to the ground and be in this human experience.

    And yet when we're denying any aspect of ourselves, then we're not in wholeness. So  are we really evolving? Are we really partaking in all of the feasts that is here for us, body and soul, human and soul, which is again, why we came. We came to be messy humans. I mean, that has been the exclamation point upon exclamation point that the greater consciousness keeps bringing through it's like don't deny that part of you. Don't deny that part of you.


    I love that so much because life is so endlessly messy and it can be neat for a little while and then it gets messy. I want to talk about talking about playing in the ethers with this human experience because another way that I have framed kind of the magic is when you can be grounded in ethereal at the same time, because it's not really useful to be ethereal when you can't bring it into meaningful form in your life. As intuition or psychics as an industry has really exploded in the last ten years or so, that sometimes finding people that can do that  can be really challenging. In terms of vetting or good questions to ask, as people are seeking out that type of practitioner or even just like using their own intuition. I'm just curious what your comments are about what specific questions  what you can ask yourself.  

    We create lots of stories about our intuitive selves that can be challenging to implement because we have a story. When I was really in the throes of my midlife crisis, I did everything from counseling and functional medicine to psychic mediums. I was doing a wide range of things. And what I really loved was how they did help connect all the breadcrumbs and how the validation was incredibly valuable to me, even if I didn't get anything that was super new, just seeing that somebody else saw me the way I was seeing myself and that I wasn't crazy was incredibly valuable.  I guess I'm just looking to pull through an example of something that leaves people ungrounded,  how to frame a question so that you walk away with the grounded answer.

    Amy White

     I appreciate this question because I would say the first thing that I feel is that there's no question that's off limits. So as soon as we start to put limits or we push back against something that it's like, oh, that's not important, or I'm afraid of that answer or whatever it is. But as soon as we put any kind of our thinking mind comes into play, when there's a question that we're really interested in getting more information about, it tends to then junk up the connection.

    So whether you're working with an intuitive or a medium or channel or psychic to be able to be really clear about what are the questions that you're interested in getting deeper answers to,  to also be aware that there are certain things of.  When I'm working with a client, I'm only allowed to give certain information. As humans, if we're given too much information, we tend to then focus on that information, and we missed the journey completely.

    If  you said, 'I really want to know when I'm going to meet my next partner or business partner' or whatever the question is. And I say Tuesday, December 14 at 04:00 P.m  in a coffee shop, his name is Fred. Then between now and December, you're probably not going to be doing anything around that, but waiting until December 14. So it doesn't serve your evolutionary process to be given that kind of information, at least in the work that I do.

    There are practitioners out there that do have access and have the ability, authority to give that type of information, but in the work that I do, it's more about teaching people how to continue to touch in and listen and follow the breadcrumbs and look for the signs and listen to the whispers, because that's where the evolution takes place. It's really about knowing when you go into at least into a session with me that I'm less likely going to give you specifics and more likely going to give you the breadcrumbs or the mile markers to start to be aware of, and then you create your own experience traversing the land between the mile Mark.


    I think that's such a beautiful point, because if Fred was waiting for me in December that I could bypass a lot of my souls evolution so when I walk into that coffee shop, I'm not ready for Fred or he's not ready for me, and then it doesn't turn out to be a match.

    Amy White

    On the flip side, something from a session or something that even comes into your awareness that shifts you energetically tomorrow could bring that coffee shop meeting with Fred that much closer. So it works both ways. That's why I like to tell people that when you're working with somebody who is doing this work, intuitive work, that it is often a snapshot in time and that because in this human experience, we have free will. We can choose to not do any of our souls work between now and when we potentially going to meet Fred in the coffee shop. Or we can choose something that seeks deeply in us, even if it feels scary.

    We might say,  'I've been doing this hamster wheel long enough. I'm just going to make the leap and then that can change the trajectory'. I remember years ago working with a healer who had shared some information with me. Then six months later, that thing never happened. She said, 'no, it didn't need to because you did some other exploration, other excavation', unguided by her, by the healer I was working with.

    That bypassed some of the things that I had on my path and that snapshot in time so that I could go on to the things that were beyond it.  I often tell my clients, take what resonates, leave the rest and don't go looking for the signs and symbols that are going to validate or justify the information. The story that you're creating based on the information like go explore where each sign and symbol leads you.

    The book 'The Surrender Experiment' by Michael Singer is about this man's journey to decide that he's just going to follow one breadcrumb at a time and see where life leads him. To me, that's a lot of this work that I do in my own practice.  Then what the client does with it and what I do with it, for that matter, then becomes that free will piece again, that will change or pivot or keep us in a straight line, depending.


    The value of intuitive work is certainly to show you what a powerful creator you are.

    Amy White

    It's one of the things that I am absolutely most passionate about in the work that I do is teaching people how to connect deeper into their intuition, their inner knowing, so that they are less in need of outside validation and more learning.

    That trust we talked about earlier, that connecting in the listening to the whispers and to becoming their own GPS system to their own spirit. I think that to me is the most powerful thing that I can bring into the world because it is not  about how many clients can I see and what's the client's size.

    It's how many people can I help to show that they have their own path and their own GPS and their own inner knowing so that we're walking around the world more connected to that capital T truth more of us and then what a world we live in as that energy becomes more and more palpable and more and more widespread, it's more powerful than any bit of information that I could give somebody about what their future looks like.


    Amy, I think that collectively we're definitely going to see more and more of that. That's definitely the wave of the future. Please share how people can get in touch with you.

    Amy White

    www.amywhite.co   - I have all of the information about the services I offer, the courses, the events, all the links to my social channels are there as well.


    I cannot recommend Amy highly enough. She has been very much a guiding light in my life. So I encourage you all to reach out to Amy and book a session with her and connect with your deepest inner wisdom and get some breadcrumbs to follow.


There's lots more to discuss about unlocking your intuition and I'm looking forward to bringing more episodes of Embody Your Star to you.



See you next time.




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