Podcast | Business Reiki with Victoria Whitfield

Nov 29, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

    • Episode introduction. 0:01 Introducing sensei Victoria Whitfield, energy master coach and business reiki master. Leadership.
    • How do you bridge tactical and esoteric leadership? 1:43 Bridging the tactical and esoteric aspects of leadership. Being ungrounded as a leader. Putting down roots to weather the storm of feedback and marketing data. Trends are profitable. Authenticity, deepest purpose and problem-solving. The artist trap.
    • Psychic expenditure in gold coins. 8:08 Branding. The artists and inventors dilemma of creating a new thing. Riding the wave of currency. Psychic expenditure is a piece of burnout. The first image of traveling by land on a raft. How to swim upstream.
    • The importance of alignment with the flow of the market. 15:06 Transitioning from a finite game to an infinite game. Reiki as a lubricant. Reiki as a mental and social lubricant. The five core principles of reiki. The five reiki principles, staying in integrity. The five principles of integrity.
    • Building trust within yourself and your organization. 22:07 Building trust within yourself and within the organization. The problem of having too much ego. Adapting to everyone else's standards. Being an emotional contortionist vs a physical contortionists. Reiki as a healing and healing leadership technique. Reiki training and burnout.
    • The anatomy of reiki and how it works. 27:47 Reiki as a non-intervention-based therapy. Reiki principles applied to different areas of flow. The biosense scan in Japanese. How easy change can be.
    • Being present to the real problem. 32:08 The one thing that needs to shift, like a psychic refund. The reiki principles. Taking an inventory of how one feels. Somatic wisdom and decision making.
    • Burnout is a betrayal of your somatic system. 38:12 Burnout is a betrayal of the somatic system. Reiki is about listening to the body. Listening at a deep level drives patient outcomes. Cultivating own coherence and language. Cultivating personal and professional coherence in relationships and marketing. Resonating and harmonizing with the person.
    • The relationship between intuition and the spirit guides. 44:20 Her relationship with her spirit guides. The relationship between intuitive skills and income. Importance of doing things in a certain way. The science of getting rich by Wallace D Wattles.
    • The certainty that comes with understanding your intuition. 50:03 The certainty that comes with understanding one's intuition. The communal mind of nature. The power and wisdom of melody and intuition. How to get in touch with Victoria.

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