Podcast | The Power of Darkness with Astrologer Marcia Wade: Ep 2

Nov 29, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

    • Pisces rules the feet and foot pain. 0:01 How saturn moved into pisces and aquarius, and how it caused her mother to come down with foot pain. Which one of the pisces is a stronger one. Every birth chart is designed so that life on earth is designed to be always breaking new ground. Breaking something gets broken in every breakthrough. The challenge is to be both grounded in the mother line and individually added from it, not a state. The importance of finding joy and pleasure in darkness. The new story about darkness is that black holes are the most luminous structures in the universe, that your darkness is your light, and that the darkness isn't scary.
    • The story of the womb of darkness. 9:02 Darkness is a story that gives enormous power to a very small group of people. It is the womb of light of our birth. Darkness and light became the thing. There is more love in the dark than in the light. Too much light scorches everything, dries everything up, and things become too brittle. Darkness is the space where people rest. Where the darkness showed up as a gift, and where it showed up with opportunity in ways that she used it well or didn't have to repattern later. How she discovered her fascination with darkness.
    • Seeking out the dark. 16:38 Seeking out the dark in childhood, feeling alone with the universe, retreating to her room with the shades drawn. The pluto signature in the third house of astrology. Our brains live in a little black box and only know the information that it gets from our bodies, eyes, ears. The myth of Persephone, both kidnapped and rescued by Pluto. Being rescued from the story that has mesmerized us for so long about light only light and how that leads to working 24/7 and never being able to rest. Melanie shares her story.
    • Rescuing us from disempowered, disembodied bodies. 24:44 Isis and osiris, the story of how the stars moved and how Osiris got chopped into pieces as the king of egypt, but came back together. Medicine as an institution has the worst osiris wound. The earth is having its dark night of the soul, and that we are all participating and experiencing that with the earth. The gift of astrology and mythology. Zooming out to the 60,000 foot view is anxiety inducing and inspires purpose. It has been transformative for her own mental health and physical health. Trauma has a creative role in the world. The dark goddesses that are all transformers of trauma, and how they do not try to heal their own trauma. The trauma-free life.
    • The importance of owning our traumas. 34:36 Trauma is something that comes inside of us and wants to transform us so that we are not the same person we were before it happened. The two primary traumas in her life. The purpose of a doula is to wake us up from thinking we are nouns, not verbs, and to support the birth process. Melanie is a trauma doula. Astrology has been a magic elixir for her, and the stories that go with it have been a framework to help understand what's happening. The black Madonna tarot deck.
    • The power of the dark goddess. 42:24 Every birth chart is full of darkness. Life is filled with darkness, and the dark goddess invites us into it. The first use of satan in the old testament. Marsha defines darkness as a bigger being over time, but she loves how she redefines darkness and how it is fundamentally held in the nervous system. Dutch teaching systems hold the stories we know and the ones that we haven't yet discovered. Story lives epigenetically in our bodies.

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