Podcast | The Magic of Vagus Nerve Decompression: Lisa and Justin McKinney

Aug 24, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

  • Learn more about Justin and Lisa at https://www.prescottpt.com/
  • Fearless Present Introduction. 0:01 Introduction to Lisa and Justin McKinney. The first piece of change starts with Lisa. Heart palpitations and digestive issues after covid-19. The vagus nerve is getting better. Night and day difference after 18 months of all-day stomach pain. Success story.
  • What drives you to become a physical therapist? 7:11 Sleep apnea. What drives her to collect all of her skills. Feeling things in the body is a huge primary driver. Seeing lives changed by PT.
  • Staying away from Pts. 11:25 Lisa calls PT her drug of choice. Stepping away from PT for brain integration. Bringing up the body part to improve body functions. Limiting is a common issue.
  • The magic show of physical therapy. 15:27 Lisa describes her private practice as a magic show. Lisa shares her favorite techniques. The human connection and how it can unlock pain. The intention is everything.
  • Bringing all of yourself to the table. 21:19 How physical therapy has changed in the last 27 years. The american physical therapy association. Being receptive and confident in the skill set. Educating the client.
  • How to talk to your body. 26:41 Creating a safe space for the client. An exploratory approach to therapy. The body has its own language. Bike fitting and hydration for the body. The worst thing to do to the heart is become dehydrated. Bilateral plantar fasciitis.
  • The importance of proper posture and posture. 33:22 Look at the kinematic chain to the elbow, shoulder, neck. The value of movement. How posture affects the nervous system. How kyphotic posture supports the aortic arch.
  • How to get in touch with Justin and Melanie. 37:10 How to get more information about Justin Lisa. Finding the right physical therapist or neuro practitioner.

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