Podcast | Shifting Perspectives: Astrology & the Nervous System with Astrologer Marcia Wade

Nov 29, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

    • What we bring to what we see and why. 0:01 Astrology is just a framework. Libra and Aries are opposite energies in one way, but in another way, they are very similar astrologically. Astrology has been so valuable in terms of helping with pattern recognition. There is an interplay between the pattern and what the pattern is doing over and over again. Everything is energy. The fundamental difference in yin and yang is not a pattern.
    • How do you shift your perspective on your story? 7:20 We are all wired for what is familiar, not what is right for us. Aries and libra are associated with the cingulate gyrus and the amygdala. Chinese medicine associates the kidneys with fear and the interplay between initiating something different and doing what is safe for you. Aries and Libra bring us to two major turning points in our earth's relationship with the rest of the universe and with our sun and the universe. Astrology of the West. Aries and Libra are very different, but they are also very alike. At each equinox, we are moving towards the light or the darkness of the great mystery. Libra is full of baggage.
    • Aries libra interplay and balance. 14:56 Aries and libra interplay and how they show up in her life and how she is seeing it in her charts right now. The cultural myth that Libra is the one who makes things happen. Letting go of vision boards and manifesting strategies to focus on doing something. Justice is a big word right now. Justice is a puzzle. It's a paradox. As a libra, aries feel like they are often in the balance equally with all the people they care about. Native americans had a strong principle of reciprocity in their culture.
    • Astrology of the West vs. Vedic astrology. 21:37 Sometimes things can come back into reciprocity or balance if at the moment one side is doing more than the other side. Egyptian and Vedic astrology The parallel energy structures that are held in different patterns by different gods like Jupiter, vishnu, shiva and Dionysus. The astrology of the west and the western way of thinking. If one wants to change the world, they have to change themselves. Astrology can help us do that. Every person on earth goes back to one mother, the mitochondrial eve.
    • High contrast trauma. 29:07 Our nervous systems are always seeking contrast, but the nervous system will not let you live a boring story story, one without contrast. The universe is always whacking you upside the head with a two by four. War can take people to a different and yet similar kind of edge. Dionysus and the age of terror.
    • Libra scales. 35:01 For a set of libra scales, there would be four platforms on it versus two, because all humans experience change through alertness, awareness, reward and rest. Nerve firing is a contrast. Aries and libra are the two spots in the zodiac where there are two times of equal balance, the equinox and the full moon. The path to wellness at all levels.
    • The sun is associated with the thalamus. 40:57 The sun is associated with the thalamus, the center of the brain, and is the relay station for everything. The sun fuses together two elements, hydrogen and helium. Nerve cells in the thalamus are associated with the water that is in all of the cells and that fills all of us. Neurotransmitters break down into water when fired. Full moons are the only two celestial bodies that are here on the earth without the moon to stabilize orbit and regulate the waters.
    • What happens when the neuron fires? 47:03 A full moon is a chance for everything to have a different stimulus and to clean house and release patterns that have been holding on to. 10 neurotransmitters do 99% of all functions, but it's more about how they cycle through them than how they live statically. Being present with the cycle is what being present is. The hardest thing as a parent is letting the child live out their own karmic journey and not trying to intervene in it. Holding the tension of the opposites is a contrast.

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