Podcast | QiGong and Nervous System Health with Scott Roots

Nov 29, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

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    • Qigong as a nervous system regulation tool. 0:01 Melanie Weller and Scott discuss Qi Gong as a nervous system regulation tool, with a focus on energy channels and their function in modern exercise. Melanie Weller discovers parallels between her nervous system regulation teachings and traditional Chinese energetic practices, despite politics and cultural shifts in China. Melanie Weller and Scott discuss how art and meditation can become a threat to those in power, citing examples from history.
    • Exercise and its role in modern society. 6:38 Exercise may not solve the underlying problems of modern society, despite being good for mental health. Scott highlights the importance of exercise for those who are not moving much, citing the potential negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle on the human body. Scott expresses surprise at the high cost of some exercise classes, such as a cycling class in San Francisco, and questions the value of paying for a structured exercise session when a gym membership can provide similar benefits at a lower cost. Idolizing a 20-year-old coach on a bicycle, revealing a lack of connectivity in society.
    • Exercise, loneliness, and vision with a focus on nervous system regulation. 13:05 Exercise and nature connection can alleviate loneliness and improve mental health. Melanie Weller reflects on the impact of her surroundings on her vision, wondering if living in a different environment would have affected her need for glasses as she ages. Weller's husband's classmate creates makeshift glasses for people in Africa, highlighting the accessibility issue for those without proper vision care. Exercises impact five sensory systems: visual, vestibular, proprioceptive, somatosensory, and interoceptive.
    • Dantian and joint mobility in Qi Gong and Tai Chi. 19:42 Dantian is a concept in Qi Gong and Tai Chi, referring to a storehouse of qi in the body. Melanie Weller discusses the importance of joint mobility in maintaining body health, citing examples from her visceral mobile mobilization training. Scott explains that stuck qi in joints can cause pain and limit the body's functioning, and provides examples of joint mobility exercises to open up the chi flow.
    • Body movement and energy flow in Chinese philosophy and meditation. 24:11 Melanie Weller explains how Tai Chi movements can help treat trauma by increasing shock absorption and resolving stuckness in the body. Master Zhang's response to his students' concerns about training after retirement is to continue doing circles, which involves moving the body in various planes to keep the energy flowing. Melanie Weller explains how the Chinese philosophy views the body as consisting of different planes, including the coronal plane, which is involved in movement and posture. Scott discusses the microcosmic orbit meditation practice in the secret meditative tradition, which involves moving awareness up and down the body's energy channels for optimal health and awareness. Weller finds geometric patterns in body & cosmos, connecting alignment to cosmic rhythms.
    • Vedic philosophy and alignment with spirit. 31:54 Scott discusses alignment with self, family, community, nation, world, and spirit as key to achieving bliss and well-being. Guru's plea for people's rights leads to his death by boiling. Enlightened state is achieved when one aligns with spirit, losing desire for external things. Melanie Weller discusses the concept of contrast in our lives, how it can be both positive and negative, and how it affects our ability to find meaning and pleasure. Weller and Scott explore how seeking pleasure can sometimes lead to more painful experiences, and how finding healthy contrast can help us enjoy life more fully.
    • Spirituality, contrast, and nervous system regulation. 42:22 Scott suggests that contrast and the contrast of the collective can be soothing to the nervous system, potentially reducing drama in one's life. Scott and Melanie discuss the idea that karma can be manifested in the body and soothed through actions that promote relaxation and reduce stress. Melanie Weller discusses how solar in space weather affects the Earth's electromagnetic field, which can be measured in the vagus nerves, and how this relates to medical astrology and nervous system regulation.

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