Podcast | Kelsey Peterson: Move Me

Aug 24, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

Kelsey Peterson lives in Fearless Presence every moment, living with a spinal cord injury. I haven't wanted to help create change for anyone more than her.

Learn more about Kelsey Peterson and access her movie, Move Me, here: https://linktr.ee/thesuperiorsiren
  • Introduction to Kelsey Peterson. 0:01 Introducing Kelsey Peterson: dancer, choreographer and activist. Award-winning documentary "Move Me." Background on kelsey and her life transformation challenge. How she got into kayaking.

  • The difference between being a dancer and having a spinal cord injury. 3:55 Being able-bodied and her spinal cord injured. Claiming her own power. Respect the first conversation with a stranger. A moment of fearless presence. Being a teacher and being an able-bodied person. Being able-bodied and being able-minded.

  • The obstacles of being disabled and overcoming adversity. 12:47 Awareness of obstacles and the unfriendly environment. The importance of being disabled. The journey of becoming disabled. How the film came to be made.

  • Finding a deeper sense of community. 18:02 Finding a deeper sense of community and being an artist. Scheduling for electronic stimulation implants. Hoping for change in sexual function and bowel function. Her relationship with hope.

  • Finding joy in the midst of difficult times. 23:08 Creating a healthier relationship with hope. Finding joy in the midst of other emotions. Blessed to have come into this life in this position. Finding joy.

  • Acceptance is a way of life for everyone. 28:34 Finding emotions in new ways is a way of life. Dopamine addiction. Finding a new path to a good feeling. Acceptance as a practice.

  • Getting to know your body again. 32:22 Peeling back the layers of negative thought patterns. A daily practice of connecting with her body. Being able-bodied and feeling whole. The first reaction to stress.

  • Being present with who you are. 38:49 The importance of being present with one's body. Acceptance as a defeat. The power of living in the present moment. The greatest hope for the film. Surrendering to the flow of life.

  • The gifts that have come from the injury. 45:16 The gifts that have come from her injury. Your future is behind you. Sabeg is a slogan for inclusion and equity. How to access the documentary. Check in with your own body before and after the video.


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