Podcast | Greater Consciousness with Amy White

Aug 24, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

[00:00:46.250] Welcome

[00:02:28.260] Amy discusses how she came to be a Medium

[00:05:32.730] Amy’s definition of intuitiveness & consciousness

[00:07:48.850] Is consciousness something that we all have access to?

[00:12:10.470] Amy talks about her personal language,how she connects

[00:14:47.490] Building trust with your language

[00:18:33.490]  Having conversations with your friends & family

[00:22:07.940] How Amy helps or guides people

[00:24:03.830] Types of questions or problems that people ask Amy 

[00:30:05.780] The message of the greater consciousness 

[00:32:00.110] Asking yourself specific questions

[00:43:13.130] Get in touch with Amy




For more about Amy White, go to https://amywhite.co/

Amy’s background and introduction. 0:01 Introducing Amy White, a medium and consultant. The power of clarity and clarity. Being a reluctant intuitive medium. Rediscovering her intuitive gifts in the ten years leading up. Intuition and consciousness are not the same thing. The definition of intuition.

The paradox of listening to the whispers of intuition. 5:57 The paradox of being in the human experience. Inner resistance vs external resistance. Connecting to intuition and synchronicity. The challenge of trusting the process of intuition.

Learning your own intuition language. 11:29 Intuition is a very personal language. Trust is a big issue with intuition. The word trust and the feeling of trust. How to trust yourself and your intuition.

The fear of stepping out of the spiritual closet. 17:00 The fear of stepping out of the intuitive closet. Having conversations with friends and family. Fear of being himself in front of anyone. Spirituality experience first, then finding their way.

What is the role of the greater consciousness? 21:49 Greater consciousness, the connection to infinite wisdom. Questions and problems that people come to you. The deeper level of introspection and exploration. The duality of consciousness and ego. The 11 million bits per second speed of the brain. Intuitive work and business consulting.

Bringing all of yourself to the table. 29:23 The greater consciousness and the balance point. Enlightenment is not about transcending human experience. Evolving as a messy human being. Intuitive intuition and psychics as an industry.

When you know, there is no question that is off limits. 33:06 The first thing is that there's no question that's off-limits. There's no questions that are off limits. Self-fulfilling prophecy, self-fulfillment and self-improvement. The importance of being aware of breadcrumbs.

The value of intuitive work. 37:41 Intuitive work is often a snapshot in time. The human experience has freedom. Take what resonates with you and leave the rest. The surrender experiment by Michael Singer. The wave of the future. How to get in touch with Amy.


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