Podcast | Gaps in Western Medicine: Scott Roos

Aug 24, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

  • For more about Scott Roos go to https://www.teacherscott.org/

  • Introduction to the episode. 0:01 Welcoming Scott roots to the podcast. Scott is a yogi teaching qigong and practicing vedic astrology. The resurgence of ancient and indigenous medical practices. An ayurvedic practitioner vs an ayurvedic doctor.

  • American Medical Association only recognises Mds and doctors of osteopathy. 4:14 American medical association only recognizes mds and doctors of osteopathy. The blurring of boundaries between doctors and yoga. The difference between ayurvedic medicine and western medicine. Vitamin c and ayurvingic medicine.

  • What is the problem with western medicine? 9:04 Different ways of thinking. Stress causes 75-90% of all disease. How the body mimics the zodiac. The three doshas, vata, pitta and kapha.

  • What kind of person are you dealing with? 14:16 Dealing with different types of people. Differentiating between vedas and kapha. Belief is just the way the world works. The science behind higher veda.

  • The basic science of iron veda. 19:27 The basic science of iron veda. Why cold water with meals is not good. The neuroscience of storytelling and the neuroscience of change. Modern medicine vs acute care medicine.

  • How to heal a herniated disc? 25:08 Steroids and ayurveda to heal the body. The story of a student from meijer. Somatic plasticity of the body. The difference between herniated discs and non-herniated disc

  • Yoga Training and Kapha pathology. 30:27 Yoga teacher training and ayurvedic practitioner. The importance of hydrating the body. The vedic astrologer who inspired scott. The year program with dr laden alburquerque.

  • How the vedas describe leaky gut syndrome. 35:12 Leaky gut syndrome in ayurveda and modern medicine. Vedic astrology and jyotish framework. The difference between western and eastern ways of thinking. The key to understanding eastern thinking.

  • Where modern medicine gets its start. 40:20 Modern medicine is addicted to being right. The importance of giving up power. The daily show interview with a congresswoman. The American medical association and diabetes association.

  • How to be healthy in an unhealthy environment? 45:55 Society is addicted to sugar and junk food. The modern world is a youtube addict. McDonald's is not the cheapest meal. Keto and paleo eating plans are popular

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