Podcast | Conversation Secrets with Carrie Gallant

Aug 24, 2023
Fearless Presence Podcast with Melanie Weller

  • For more about Carrie Gallant go to https://gallantleader.com/

  • Introduction to the episode. 0:01 Melanie introduces her guest for this episode, Carrie the coach. Carrie shares her background and background. The science of conversation and how it works. The business community has adopted conversational intelligence.

  • The power of being heard. 4:02 Reducing medical malpractice cases in the medical profession. The civil procedure. Why apologies diminish conflict resolution cases. The core fundamental human need to be heard and understood.

  • What keeps people from suing companies? 8:00 The three levels of conversation, level one, level two and level three. Transactional, relational and transformational conversations. Parasympathetic nervous system is important for creativity. Innovation can be perceived as a threat.

  • The importance of understanding the core values of an organization. 11:49 The disconnect between intentions and impact. The importance of understanding core values. The main issues executive leaders face. The inner and outer game with their clients.

  • How to deal with stage fright? 15:37 Body is an expression of the mind. Differences between male and female executives. The short history of women in the workplace. Mental mental health and imposter syndrome.

  • The science of confidence and the physiology of confidence. 21:19 The science of confidence and the physiology of confidence. The importance of being rooted in the ground. The difference between standing on toes and standing on heels. Her background in improv.

  • Two perspectives on theatre. 25:25 Two perspectives, pre and post-law school. The moment of transition. The core foundation of improv, yes and both. The importance of accepting an offer.

  • The value of a coach and the value of momentum. 30:17 The value of being a coach. Creating momentum with the yes. How to connect with Carrie on social media. How to get more information about Carrie.


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